Energy Savings Insurance

Kellclair guarantees building projects' forecasted energy reductions in kWhs and their conversion to financial savings, backstopping underperformance.

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The time is now

The building sector accounts for 38% of all energy-related CO2 emissions. [United Nations Environmental Programme]
More than 85% of buildings need to be net zero carbon ready by 2050. Currently, less than 1% of stock is ready. [International Energy Agency]
The world is likely to hit between 2.7C and 3.1C of warming by 2100 based on current emissions. [IPCC]

Mitigate risk

Kellclair rigorously assesses the likelihood and magnitude of project underperformance. Through our integration with climate tech partner Tallarna, we advise risk mitigation measures at the planning stage to enhance insurance terms.

Optimise finance

Energy Savings Insurance provides confidence in projects' Return On Investment (ROI), allowing risk to be off-balance sheet. This enables lenders to offer longer contracts at more attractive rates.

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ESG performance guaranteed



Real-time monitoring of ESG measures maintains retrofits' forecasted energy and carbon savings, with fast repairs in the event of a malfunction or defect.


Building residents enjoy day one bill savings and externalised repair costs. This tackles fuel poverty and creates more comfortable, affordable homes.


Continuous metering of building improvements validates the use of the ESG funds, with performance reports available to all stakeholders. These can be used to secure and maintain efficient capital.

All insurance policies are subject to terms and conditions.